Limousine Service in Rome.

Tours from Rome:
(EX1) Rome to Pompei | (EX2) Rome to Sorrento and Pompei | (EX3) Rome to Positano, Sorrento and Pompei | (EX4) Rome to Ravello, Positano and Pompei | (EX5) Rome to Florence | (EX6) Rome to Orvieto and Florence | (EX7) Rome to Siena, Monteriggioni, Orvieto

(RM1) Ancient Rome, Renaissance and Barroque, Rome of Popes | (RM2) Classical Tour | (RM3) Main Basilicas | (RM4) Roman Country Side | (RM5) Tour of Tivoli, Villa Deste and Villa Adriana | (RM6) Vatican City




Duration 12 hours.
This is almost exactly the same as the tour to Sorrento and Pompeii but, in this case, before going to Sorrento we do a little side trip on the famous Amalfi drive. We reach as far as Positano and spend some time there.

After visiting Positano we drive to Sorrento to be there in time for lunch. In the early afternoon we leave Sorrento and stop to visit the excavations of Pompeii on the way back to Rome. I would love to guide personally my clients through the ruins but I am not allowed to do it because they have local guides there and they are the only ones who have the permit for guiding through Pompeii's ruins. The cost for hiring a local guide is about 100 Euros, for a group up to 6 people, and the tour lasts nearly 2 hours. The alternative to hiring a personal guide is the audio guide, that you can find in the ticket office. Return to Rome in the evening.

Driving times:
Rome to cameos factory: 2hr/ cameos factory to Ravello: 1hr/Ravello to Positano 40'/Positano to Pompei 40'/Pompei to Rome 2hr 20'.
Additional time, over 12 hours, will be charged per hour (any vehicle).

Rates do not include:
Lunch, drinks, personal purchases or any thing not specifically listed as included.