Limousine Service in Rome.

Tours from Rome:
(EX1) Rome to Pompei | (EX2) Rome to Sorrento and Pompei | (EX3) Rome to Positano, Sorrento and Pompei | (EX4) Rome to Ravello, Positano and Pompei | (EX5) Rome to Florence | (EX6) Rome to Orvieto and Florence | (EX7) Rome to Siena, Monteriggioni, Orvieto

(RM1) Ancient Rome, Renaissance and Barroque, Rome of Popes | (RM2) Classical Tour | (RM3) Main Basilicas | (RM4) Roman Country Side | (RM5) Tour of Tivoli, Villa Deste and Villa Adriana | (RM6) Vatican City





The best of Rome in one Day (Summary)


The duration of this tour is 7 hours, and we start  talking with the people immediately, giving an orientation from the position of the hotel, and explaining the attractions that we meet going to the historical centre. Our first stop is the Marcello theatre (explanation), then up to the Capitoline hill with the van to have the best Panoramic view of the Forum (explanation),(this is very exclusive, because buses and regular cars can't drive in there), than explanation of the habitations of the Romans, explanation of Venice square . So driving through the imperial forums street, few stops for pictures and explanations. Arrival at the Coliseum, explanation and facility to go in. After that view of the circus Maximum and the Palatine hill with Stop and explanation of the origins of Rome. Than Visit of the Aventine hill, with a walk in the orange Garden, and panoramic View of the city, than Visit insight the church of Santa Sabina, and the Surprise of the key hall. Lunch time with typical Roman cuisine, At this point, we will stop for lunch in the Apian way, at a typical Trattoria outside the crowds or a panino according with your needs. At this Point we have the visit of the Catacombs and the Apian way, and the stops to Trevi fountain, Navona square , the pantheon and, drive in the Spanish square.