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Tivoli is situated on the Aniene river to the east of Rome, in the Monti Tiburtini hills where the climate is fresher than Rome's. For this reason, the area was popular from ancient times onwards with Rome's moneyed classes, who built summer retreats in the area. As the town was on a major trading route from Rome to the Abruzzi, Tivoli has always been an important settlement.

Visit the charming hill town of Tivoli, less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of Rome. Wander around Villa Adriana, a huge complex designed to house and entertain the emperor and his entourage.
Tour Tivoli's historical centre, before heading to Villa d'Este, renowned for its spectacular gardens and elaborate fountains. Tivoli seems to be a natural wonder with its sweeping Italian views, elaborately engineered fountains, and its two ancient villas. You'll visit Hadrian's Villa, designed and built by a 2nd-century, globe-trotting emperor.

Continue to Villa d'Este, a sumptuous Renaissance residence built for the local cardinal—Lucretia Borgia's son—and designed to impress his guests. Wander through the gardens, among the extravaganza of trees and fountains, and admire breathtaking views over the plain towards the Eternal City.

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Comfortable walking shoes recommended.